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About Us

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Code Simplified,

Power Amplified

with Exult's Power

Platform Services.

Exult, headquartered in sunny Southern California, is at the forefront of helping companies Digitize themselves. Our niche lies in harnessing the prowess of Microsoft's Power Platform, a leading low-code, no-code technology suite. With the dynamic capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages, we're sculpting the future of rapid digital innovation, workflow optimization, insightful decision-making, responsive chatbots, and swift portals deployment.


How Exult was born

The digital wave was already making ripples, but the pandemic turned it into a tsunami. Businesses worldwide felt a pressing need to digitize, not just as a strategy, but as a survival tool. However, the demand far outweighed the supply of tech-savvy professionals. This gap heralded a new era where every worker, irrespective of their tech knowledge, was pushed to embrace digital solutions. And in this new dawn, low-code, no-code solutions were the beacon. It was in this transformative period that Exult emerged, fueled by the insights of a digital-dependent era.


Our Story

The brainchild of seasoned professionals experienced in managing global technology delivery, Exult was conceived with a vision. We witnessed the shift from monolithic projects to agile development, a move resisted by many in traditional large companies. It somehow threatened their comfort zone. Microsoft's Power Platform came as a refreshing gust, promising to democratize digital transformation. Bolstered by Gartner's predictions on the rise of low-code solutions and the increasing role of non-tech staff in app development, our founders envisioned Exult. Our mission? To guide the "Digital Newbies" in navigating this powerful suite, ensuring security, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Values

We wear our title of 'Microsoft AI Cloud Partner' with pride.

Every individual in our team is certified in the Power Platform suite, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Company Culture



Exult is founded on the aspirations of ordinary individuals united by extraordinary dreams.

Our Promise


Trust Exult to amplify your digital potential with Microsoft. From low-code app development, streamlined workflows, real-time dashboards, to responsive chatbots and collaborative solutions on Microsoft Teams - we've got you covered. Our goal is to empower you, ensuring you're not just a part of the digital transformation but leading it.

Value, reliability, and affordability are the cornerstones of our offerings.

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260 Newport Center Drive,

Newport Beach, CA 92660

+1 (949) 761-3012

+1 (949) 761-3013 - Fax

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Exult, Where Code Gets Simplified, Power Gets Amplified, and the Future of Digital Transformation Begins.

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